Custom Application Development

Using the latest Microsoft, Oracle, and open source technologies, CustomizeDev can develop a new application, maintain an existing one, or migrate to a new platform. We bring an array of technical knowledge and domain expertise to each engagement and yet we deliver cost-efficient desktop, web, and mobile solutions to our customers.

Why Clients Choose CustomizeDev To Build Their Custom Applications?

We invest time in learning the latest architectural principals and tools so we can minimize our costs and maximize the benefit to our customers. We use a properly structured plan utilizing one of the three modern development lifecycle methodologies that best suits each engagement:

  • Scrum - With active end-user involvement throughout the project lifecycle, we iteratively capture high level requirements and our team delivers frequent incremental product releases with collaboration from business stakeholders.
  • Exrepreme Programming - Otherwise similar to Scrum, this methodology also requires a high degree of cooperation from the customer to document and test user stories, but the iterative approach places high value on the quality of the end product through a rigorous approach to code testing.
  • Waterfall - This methodology requires a clear customer vision of the product and an up-front effort to capture all essential requirements for our team to deliver the project in one or several large releases.

Our high quality standards, proven methodology, flexibility to combine different approaches to fit the size of the project, and technical expertise translate into high return on investment (ROI) for our clients.