Smart Client Business Office Applications

To make good decisions, a business relies heavily on technology to perform analysis and modeling, often using tools like Microsoft Excel. Smart Client applications help integrate such tools to eliminate error-prone and duplicative data entry into spreadsheets by sourcing data directly from workers in the field, from business applications and third-party data stores.

Why Do Our Office Solutions Deliver For Customers?

With expertise in building complex back-office financial solutions and field service applications, CustomizeDev is uniquely positioned to help customers in all industries redesign methods for data collection and distribution with office automation tools. Whether it's custom Excel macros to pull external data into a spreadsheet or a custom front-end application or website to allow validation during data entry or a complex workflow with review and approval steps, with our technical know-how, our developers can deliver the right solution to your team.

Our Smart Client solutions bring our customers accurate and immediate access to data, measurable increases in productivity, and reduction in costly mistakes translating into high return on investment (ROI).