Website Design and Development

Today a website is a company business card, essential customer communication tool, and even a key revenue source. Even if you conduct most of your business off-line, your Internet presence is key for your customers to locate and differentiate your business from competitors.

How Does CustomizeDev Help Build Your Website?

With CustomizeDev, your website will be custom-designed and built quickly to your specifications so that you can begin attracting customers immediately.

Depending on requirements, we can build the website on top of WordPress content management system (CMS). WordPress CMS provides a proven solution platform that can be implemented quickly and that eliminates many maintenance hassles. Not only WordPress helps us deliver a reliable website for marketing your business, but this enables us to build a company blog and quickly plug-in your business into social media tools. It is a perfect solution for customers with a limited budget or those who want maximum maintainability.

For customers looking for more functionality, CustomizeDev custom application developers can build a website using WordPress or Microsoft .NET technologies with advanced brand features and social media marketing, user registration, product inventory, eCommerce and payment processing, as well as customer dashboard or employee portal features.

We Are Committed To Quality And Maitainability

We offer monthly and annual maintenance plans, as well as flexible time & materials options, to eliminate all website headaches. Whatever the option you choose, our technicians can monitor your site's up-time, work with your hosting company on releases and management, apply the latest software upgrades, maintain website text and change graphics, review and publish blog posts, maintain your social media presence, and more.