Databases and Analytics

As business grows, company’s databases become an increasingly valuable asset containing secure data, transactions, customer information, inventory, or other business-critical data. Not only it is essential to design and maintain databases for optimal performance, effective analytics, reporting and data visualization are critical to telling a story of your business, to draw attention to key facts and ideas, and to attract new customers.

What Do Customers Gain From Our Developers?

CustomizeDev developers have the experience to help you with all of your database needs including: design and implementation, administration and maintenance, data analysis, data mining, reporting and data visualization.

Our Technical Capabilities

  • Database planning, design, and development
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Oracle
    • MySQL
    • Sybase
  • Database development, including stored procedures, functions, packages, cursors etc.
    • Microsoft T-SQL
    • Oracle PL/SQL
    • ANSI SQL
  • Database optimization
    • Query Plans Analysis
    • Index Optimization
    • Maintenance Plans
  • XML data, Xpath, XSLT, and XQL
  • Data analytics
    • OLTP
    • OLAP
    • Multi-dimensional Data Processing
  • Integration Services
    • Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
    • Microsoft Data Transformation Services (DTS)
    • Oracle SQL*Loader
    • Electronic Data Exchange (EDI)
  • Report Implementation
    • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
    • Microsoft Report Viewer
    • SAP Crystal Reports
    • IBM Cognos
  • Data Visualization and Interactivity
    • Hierarchies - representing parent-child relationships, such as organization charts, classification trees, maps, etc.
    • Time-Series - showing a sequence of data points measured over time for forecasting, anomaly detection, pattern recognition, etc.
    • Network Graphs - displaying data with vertices and edges for process flow, flow charts, social network modeling (sociograms), etc.
    • Statistical - showing data in pie charts, bar charts, scatter plots, and using other techniques for analysis.
    • Maps - displaying cartographic information.